Dive into secrets of the world of film

The world is charming on the silver screen. Variety of emotions, illusions and plot twists, breathtaking moments as well as life stories. From now on, you don’t have to stay only on the other side of the barrier. However, you can also look under the hood of how the biggest blockbusters are made. Enroll yourself to studies at Prague Film Institute film college.


No more simple admiration of films

Have you also dreamed of film career ever since you were a child? You have imagined yourself in a role of famous director, skilful cameraman or handy editor? All of your dreams may become a reality now. Step toward your film career by studying at Prague Film Institute film school.

You will learn everything you need to create a successful movie. From direction to production, camera work, till editing and post postproduction. You may learn all this at this prestigious film college residing in the most beautiful city in Europe.

All lessons are held in English and take place in a historical edifice of a castle in Prague, Hlubocepy. During your lessons you will be provided with the professional equipment thanks to which you will learn a true film art.


Obtain a full-featured film education

Studies at Prague Film Institute film college will guide you thorough the entire process of film creation. You will not be impoverished because you will adopt all the skills. College is meant for Czech students as well as the foreign ones who are interested in learning craftmanship at the beast film college in Middle Europe. You can start with a production of your own films right after your graduation.

Prague Film Institute film college in an exceptional rarity. Apart from the classic lessons you may look forward to various workshops in which you’ll gain practical experience with the up-to-date technologies of current film industry.


Film creation studies and the world is yours

Do not postpone your decisions to “after that…” but step into the film world today. Your film career closer than you think. Moreover, at Prague Film Institute film college you can also attend intensive eight-week long summer film course which is designed in a way of providing you practical experience and the entire entering to the craft of film creation during summer break. So, it only takes two months to learn how to work with script, how to create a script, how to manage actors and work with them or how to manipulate with professional digital camera and light the scene.

More information about the Prague Film Institute film school at: For any further questions do not hesitate to contact us at: or call us at : +420 733 144 239.

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