Studying in Real Movie Studios

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While studying at this school, you will learn how to direct, to record sound and edit film or advertisements, and moreover, and above all, you will enjoy the practical use of the acquired knowledge. As part of the studies, all students have access to professional film equipment and to actual film studios where practical demonstrations and exercises will take place. When working independently, you will also have a large studio for special effects at your disposal. Experience the beauty of historic Prague, located in the very heart of Europe. Let yourself be inspired by experienced lecturers and learn practical skills from the best filmmakers. For more information, please visit

Study at the Prague Film Institute

Are you looking for a career in film? Would you like to become a director, a cinematographer, a screenwriter or any other type of film professional? All of this can be accomplished at the Prague Film Institute. The Prague Film Institute offers three study programs that are taught exclusively in English and are designed for international students. And why choose this school?



Experienced teachers

The high quality of study programs is guaranteed by internationally acclaimed and Oscar winning film professionals who have been involved and are still involved in the production of many international and Hollywood movies. The quality and creativity of education is also ensured by experienced teachers from the world-renowned television school FAMU. And last but not least, this school closely cooperates with a number of top partners to help you get the right connections, without which many people rarely navigate in the film world today.


Quality facilities and first-class equipment

The Prague Film Institute also provides its students access to all the necessary equipment and facilities, including fully equipped editing rooms, and green virtual studio. During the course, you will have access to a real studio with an area of 7000 m2, top-end cameras, drones and other equipment.

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